What happens during the test?


Breast thermal imaging is non-invasive, safe & completely painless - no radiation or compression is used & there is no touching by either the equipment or the technician.

The screening takes place in a temperature controlled private room. You will be asked to undress to the waist & sit for 15 minutes to allow the breasts to cool to room temperature. You will then be asked to face the ifrared camera with your arms raised & hands on head. Images of your breasts will be taken from the front & both sides.

Following the screening, your images will be forwarded to a qualified specialist who will read your images & put together a detailed report one copy for you & one for the technician. Ideally, then you will return for a short follow up to go through the results, if you live out of town the report will be sent to you & the report can be discussed over the telephone at a mutually convenient time.

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