“Breast health is very important for me. I went to see Suzanne recently because I have a history of benign breast lumps. Having worked in radiology for a number of years I decided to try out breast thermography. Not only was Suzanne very professional, caring and thorough with her explanation but most importantly I knew my testing was safe. Now I have an avenue to regularly and safely screen my breasts. Thank-you Suzanne for a wonderful and positive experience!”

Jane L

“In my opinion, every woman will have an individual experience depending on her breast health awareness and medical history. It seems to me that Breast Thermography is taking preventative care to a new level. Something we the client can take with us and feel empowered by. Simply put, what I took away from this experience was a long lasting peace of mind.

Suzanne was both comforting and knowledgeable, making this a learning experience for me that I couldn't wait to share with others.”

Roanna Z

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