Other testing available


Thermographic Imaging of:-

Cranial (front & sides of face)

Saliva Hormone Testing

Saliva is considered the most effective method of uncovering hormone imbalance as it measures hormones that 'actually' made it into tissue whereas blood measures hormones that 'might eventually' get to tissue. Another benefit is that saliva collection is painless, non-invasive & easy to do at home. Hormonal imbalance can negatively impact health causing a range of conditions including weight gain, mood disorders, sleep disturbances, bone loss, memory loss, fatigue

plus PMS, irregular periods, hot flashes/sweats & breast conditions in women, erectile dysfunction & prostate enlargement in men. Discovering your hormonal status enables you to make decisions concerning treatment &/or lifestyle changes.

Urine Testing for:-

Thyroid & Estrogen Metabolism

Breath Testing for:-

Insulin Resistance

Hair Analysis for:-

Nutritional & Toxicity elements

Food Allergies

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