We also provide a whole range of testing including Saliva Hormone Testing, Estrogen Metabolism Ratio Testing (which is also really important in assessing your risk of breast cancer), Hair Analysis, Allergy Testing and much more.

I truly feel we have a gift with Thermography as a tool to help maintain breast health. It is empowering for women to know that now instead of being fearful of breast cancer, they now can have access to information about their breast health and level of potential risk a long time before more serious conditions develop and that is a wonderful thing. This gives women more proactive control over their own good health. Isn't that what every woman really wants?

We have also found that the tests we provide from Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratory particularly the Saliva Hormone Testing and the Estrogen Metabolism Ratio (EMR) Urine Test (I strongly believe every woman should know her EMR) are particularly useful due to the incredible effect hormones and more importantly hormonal imbalances have on our health... read more

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